Career Counseling

At HTA we specialize in the placement of professionals at top-tier companies that are experiencing dynamic growth.  This allows for involvement in exciting and challenging projects while providing significantly accelerated career growth for our candidates.

With our expert knowledge of the Talent Acquisition Process, our highly skilled consultants will provide counsel on interviewing techniques and lend professional assistance helping you successfully navigate the job search and attainment process.  HTA provides unparalleled career counseling to the candidates we assist, including you!

We also understand what the best companies are looking for in the candidates they select.  With that in mind, our experienced consultants can assist in evaluating your professional background through a detailed gap analysis that can identify areas of weakness that a new position could alleviate.

When looking at a resume, a prospective employer will look at not only what type of work you have performed, but where that work was done.  This is another advantage HTA brings to you; by having the top corporate employers as our clients, we can help enhance your background by placing you into the companies that will add significant credibility to your resume and marketability to your career!