Outplacement Services

For conscientious employers that want to offer assistance to their laid-off and separated employees but don’t have the budget for extravagant outplacement services, H.T. Associates, Inc. (HTA) provides Outplacement Services that offers these employees the core essentials of assistance that will get them and their families back on track more quickly. HTA will partner with your organization during such challenging times easing the burden on you and easing the transition for your affected employees.

Benefits to Your Company of Using Express Outplacement:

Your affected employee works with a professional that can help them get resituated and they are inspired to look more optimistically into the future instead of being upset at the past. This can help your company save money by reducing the use of unemployment benefits and avoiding costly lawsuits. You can instead, create a sense of goodwill and gratitude from the affected employee towards your company for the assistance provided.

Experience You Can Trust:

HTA is a nationally recognized professional staffing and Human Resources consulting firm. For over three decades HTA has continued to provide permanent staffing, staff augmentation and Human Resources consulting assistance to many prestigious and well-known corporations. Many of these organizations are world leaders in such industries as Telecommunications, Electronics, Insurance, Banking, Aerospace, Healthcare, and Consumer Products.

In addition to our corporate work we provide interview coaching and outplacement assistance in other forums including outplacement seminars initiated by civic groups to help citizens affected by unemployment and universities that want to prepare their graduating students that are facing a challenging employment market.

Professional Integrity and Recognition:

HTA is the proud recipient of the Malcolm Baldrige Vendor Quality Award as recognition for providing outstanding quality and services.

HTA is also the proud recipient of Total Customer Satisfaction and Preferred Vendor Awards issued by corporate clients as recognition for outstanding performance, subscribing to the highest level of ethics and providing an overall enjoyable business experience.

Services We Provide:

In-Placement Coaching: We are experts at placing candidates into companies giving us unique knowledge to coach your affected employees from an “in-placement” perspective that will give them a distinct advantage over traditional out-placement services.

Resume Writing & Development: The resume is the first point of contact with a potential new employer and the first impression of a candidate. With over thirty years of experience placing candidates of all types into positions, we have refined our knowledge of building a resume that gets results. We can provide the instruction of how to create a resume that will be effective and help your affected employees to begin interviewing as quickly as possible.

Interview Preparation: Our in-depth knowledge of the Talent Acquisition Process coupled with our extensive experience encompassing thousands of interviews at many Fortune 100 and smaller companies has given us a keen understanding of the art of interviewing. And in an economic climate where jobs are hard to find, the success of an interview becomes critical. We can provide the counsel and coaching that would be otherwise unobtainable to affected employees giving them confidence and a competitive advantage when interviewing.

Job Lead Empowerment: With over three decades of professional staffing experience we are very knowledgeable about how to locate open jobs in the marketplace. We can empower your separated employees by transferring our knowledge of how to use both conventional and non-conventional methods to locate new employment. They will be instructed on how to locate job leads in both the permanent and consulting fields and how to engage those leads.

Salary Guidance/Offer Negotiations: With our extensive experience we can provide coaching and counsel to your affected employees on the issues of salary guidance and offer negotiations. They can be provided with a realistic understanding of the current market conditions as it relates to compensation and counsel on offer negotiations helping them to not dismiss an opportunity that may be presented because of incorrect expectations.

Placement Assistance: Through the professional staffing and staff augmentation divisions of our firm, we can when possible and applicable, assist some affected employees in actually locating permanent or contract employment with one of our many corporate clients.

Types of Employees Assisted:

HTA is adept at providing assistance to affected employees in all job categories and at most organizational levels including:

Vice President
Manager/Project Manager
Team Lead
Individual Contributor
Hourly Employee


Please contact us to learn about our highly competitive fees.  For outplacement groups of 3 or more employees package rates are available.


For more information on these services or to schedule a session for your employees please contact Steve Higgins at 847-577-0300 or e-mail shiggins@htassociates.com